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Client Successes

When our success is defined by yours, it matters for us to know how we did. It matters even more when we want to do even better, for you.

That is why after each key assignment, we engage with our clients through our Service Level Feedback sessions. This listening-in allows us to know what our clients found most valuable in our partnership with them. We then translate this into refining best practices, all in the aim of exceeding their expectations and our own.

These are what our clients have identified to be most valuable in their experience of partnering AcLann :

  • Achieving high success placement rate
  • Sustaining high retention rate
  • Delivering Quick turn-around
  • Exhibiting conscientiousness and success in fortifying the client’s employer brand
  • Displaying consistency in placing good fit talent
  • Defining and communicating Value Proposition to the talent

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